Agent Deployment

Agent-based filtering enables securing DNS traffic for roaming or mobile clients. Client traffic can be controlled regardless of the location of the client. Agent intercepts all DNS traffic in the network layer and forwards it to DNSCyte cloud for filtering seamless to the user. Based on the policy, all DNS traffic originating from "Agent" is filtered according to the security policy.

Getting Agent Installers

Agent installers can be downloaded under Roaming Client menu, which is under the deployment section of the main menu. The installer is created specifically to the account, and after installation it is registered to the user account automatically. Agent deployment is supported only for Windows environments.

Installing Agent

The installer can be downloaded by using direct download or a download link which is specific to the account. The downloaded file is a compressed file which includes configuration, installer executable and MSI file for the installation.After downloading extract all contents under the appropriate folder.

After extracting the file execute "SetupDnssense.msi" file to start the installation and follow instructions on the screen to finish the installation. After installation control the DnsSense service under Windows services and check the portal for successful registration. All registered agent will be shown under Roaming Client menu unred Deployment section.

Monitoring_Profile is applied to all new registered agents by default. Different Security Profiles can be assigned to different agents.

Assigning Security Profile

After successful installation and registration of the agent custom "Security Profiles" can be applied to the agents. Click edit button and select desired Security policy to apply

Under the edit screen, suitable "Security Profile" can be assigned to the agent, as shown in Figure 4. After attaching the profile save the settings and changes are applied immediately.

Monitoring Agent Traffic

All agent traffic logged under your DnsCyte Portal account. You monitor your agent traffic by applying filter to logs under "Monitoring" section. Under monitoring you can view local IP of your client, MAC Address, DNS traffic details, Category information, Action taken e.t.c

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