The first step to use DnsCyte is registration. The registration page can be accessed from by clicking register or by directly accessing link.

Company: Name of the your company using the system.

First Name: First name of the person who is responsible for the account.

Last Name: Last name of the person who is responsible for the account.

GSM: Valid GSM numbers for using two-factor authentication messages. If two-factor authentication is enabled, the system sends additional PIN information to the GSM number.

E-mail: Valid E-mail address of the account verification and activation. The e-mail address will be the username for logging in to the system. Scheduled reports will also be sent to this mail address.

Password and Confirm Password: Password of the account. Use at least eight characters with one upper case letter, number and special character. (#,!,?,e.t.c)

To finish the registration process, please click the "Register" button after CAPTCHA information is confirmed. The system will send an e-mail to the address defined in the registration. Please check the your mail and confirm enrolment. After confirmation, the user will be allowed to enter DNSCyte Cloud management platform.

If you do not verify your self using CAPTCHA or do not enter valid information "Register" button will not be enabled.

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