Monitoring is used for tracking user access information on a given time. You can view which domain is requested, origin of requester, category information, destination information e.t.c.. Logs will be available for search approximatly two minutes later than access time.

Monitoring page provides set of tools to search logs. For each customer last 30 days logs will be available. Logs older than 30 days will be removed from system automatically.

Using Time Selector you can select time for log searching. You can select predefined time ranges or custom date by using Time Selector.

By Default only five column values are displayed. If you want to additional column values shown you can select column names using available column section of monitoring.

Filtering of Your Result: For searching specific logs you can create your own filters and also save it for later usage. You can also use saved filter on Custom Report generation. To create your filter, by clicking Filter button on the monitoring screen.

To create filter queries click on "Add Filter" button. You can use different filtering options for your search queries with different logical operators. You can search with any field or combination of field. After you finish your filter settings you should apply it for searching and click the button "Apply"

Once you get expected result you can export it as Excel file. Also you can save your filter query using save filter option for future use.

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