Access To Cloud Portal

Login and User Interface

After the registration process is completed, the user can log in to DNSCyte web-based management interface. The login page can be accessed from or links.

Email Address: E-mail address that you provided during registration process

Password: Password that you define during the registration process

After login information is entered, please click "Login" to access management interface.

Management Interface

After successful login user can access management interface. Management Interface allows you to manage Users Security Profiles, Agents ( Public IPs, Roaming Clients and On-premise box). Also, users can monitor all traffic and define scheduled reports.

Monitor: Monitor is used for log monitoring. It is used for searching access logs based on different criteria.

Custom Reports: Custom reports are similar to monitoring, except it is possible to define queries or search strings to create custom reports. Search strings will be executed in a given interval and produce reports to be sent to a predefined e-mail address.

Deployment: Under the deployment menu, protection points are configured and assigned to different security policies.

Public IP: Policies are assigned to the company public IP Address to filter DNS queries. Users can only define one IP address to one policy. .

Local Devices: On-premise deployed components are available within this menu.

Roaming Clients: DNSCyte provides agents for roaming or mobile users. Agent deployment allows controlling the client even when it is not in the local network.

Settings: Under the settings menu, users can define additional users, security profiles, manage custom reports and access tools for domain categorisation check

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